My Main Tasks

Auto Propping Tool

This was a large task for me this project. I made a houdini engine tool to use in unity for my Level Designers. With the tool they could just build a live mesh in unity and then the tool would auto prop out walls, pillars, barriers and stairs. The tool was inspired from Freek Hoekstra’s dungeon generator.


Cliff Tool

I created a houdini engine tool for our Level Designers so that they could create custom cliffs. Different vertex colors were created to the cliffs and the ground so that later in the shader different textures could be applied easily.


Depth Fog

I made a fullscreen shader in HLSL for distance based fog. We wanted the feeling that it was cold and you were high up in the mountains.


Stylised Fire

We wanted our game to have a stylised look and i got the task to create fire to our torches. When I used Houdini to make a flame simulation, it got a too realistic look. To get around that i transformed the flame particles to a mesh, transfered the heat attribute to the new mesh’s vertices and used a constant color ramp on the heat attribute to get a more toony look to it.