My Main Tasks

Splashing Astronauts

We wanted the player to get HP by ramming enemy astronauts. So i took the austronaut in to houdini, made a custom fracture tool for fracturing bodyparts by selection, put an explosion force in the middle of the astronaut, did an RBD simulation and took it to maya and baked it to an animation.



The explosions in the game i created using a houdini explosion simulation with some custom settings and shading to a flipbook. I also created normal textures so they would not feel so flat.



We wanted the players HP should be visualised at the backlights of the car. So with some HLSL i created a shader that masks and changes color from top to bottom.


Asteroid Generator

I made an procedurall asteroid generator in houdini. It generated a high and low poly mesh and automaticly UV unwrapped. Three levels of LOD’s were also created. And with a substance designer material created by Manne Westermark and triplanar projection the pipeline for creating different asteroids got very fast and easy.


Checkpoint Trafficlight

Even tho i am an technical artist i made a model to the game, believe it or not. We wanted something matching to our theme to visualise checkpoints. So i modeled and textured a trafficlight.