Break In

Project Description

This project I wanted to create an impactful entrance. I also wanted to learn more about constraints and simulations in houdini and how you can apply them in games.


Wood Fracturing

I set this up in a houdini node network to be able to do it procedurally by taking each parts longest edge to get the planks/wood cut direction, saving its position moving it to scene origo, scaling it down in the right direction, fracturing it and moving it back to its original position.


Constraints and Simultaion

I used a variety of different constraints to get the result i wanted. The red lines inside the mesh represents a glue contraint to keep the fractured wood togheter. Then I also have some hinge constraints where the door is attached. I also used hinge constraints for the door handles rings, and a glue constraint to get them to stick to the door.


Creating an Animation from it

So I knew that Unreal Engine supports alembics but they are very expensive and I wanted to be able to apply this to a group project. So I decided to bake it as an animation in Maya. I imported it as an alembic from houdini and ran a script from Andreas Glad that creates a bone for each part and bakes an animation. After that I removed unnecessary bones, combined everything to one mesh and fixed the skin weights with maya 2018’s “bake deformation to skin weights” tool.


Final Thoughts

It was interesting to do wood destruction and figure out how that works. I was also yeally happy how the kick and the simulation turned out togheter. It also got me interested in trying out to destroy other wood objects, such as trees, or even learn some c++ and try out to make some live fracturing.